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Our Mission

Our mission is to have people come to Pasco from all over Tri-Cities to

visit, enjoy, and celebrate all that Pasco has to offer, but especially tacos.

Our Committee

Meet the Team

Craig Maloney

Taco Crawler in Chief

Emily Maloney

Mistress of Tacos

Adrianne Deen

Taco Liaison

Tracci Dial

Taco Talker

The Pasco Taco Crawl Committee, made up of taco-loving community volunteers, is working to invite
the entire Tri-Cities and surrounding area to experience the amazing food that Downtown Pasco has to offer, while raising funds for the Boys & Girls Clubs of Benton and Franklin Counties.


On September 2015, our committee and several adventurous Tri-Citians participated in a Taco Crawl Alpha Test.  During the Alpha, we went to six different Downtown Pasco taco vendors in one day. We sampled one taco at each establishment and took detailed tasting notes.  We learned many things about tacos in Pasco, and discovered that Pasco's tacos are every bit as deliciously awesome as we thought they were going to be.


We would like to thank the Boys & Girls Clubs for supporting our passion for tacos and encouraging us to have fun while supporting them. Remember everyone, eat more tacos; it's for the kids!




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