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How many taco establishments are participating?

There are 5 awesome establishments participating in Pasco Taco Crawl 2023! This year's vendors are:

Guadalajara Style, Powell’s Inferno, Tortilleria Morfin’s, Pasco Burger Company, Birrieria Colima y Michoacan

How do I buy punch cards?

To purchase your punch card, just click "Buy Tickets" above!  It will take you to the ticket site where you can purchase your punch card path to taco happiness!

Where and when do I pick up my stamp card?

You pre-buy online and pick up your stamp card at the Pasco Farmers Market on October 14! We also sell punch cards in the Farmers Market on October 14 from noon to 7 pm.

Does the Taco Crawl require actual crawling ?

Goodness, no!  The Taco Crawl just involves eating twenty delicious tacos with other amazing Taco Crawlers. The Taco Sprint is the same, but only for one day!

Why hasn't anyone done this before?

We don't know, but we are rectifying the situation immediately!

What times can I use my stamp card?

You can use your stamp card between noon and 7 pm on October 14, 2023.

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