The Crawl

What's better than eating tacos? Eating tacos for a good cause!
Get ready to explore Downtown Pasco, one delicious taco at a time.

Want to be a part of this event?

Step One is to become a Taco Crawler! Buy a voucher booklet, good for twenty tacos, for ONLY $25! (The price goes up to $30 on September 21.) plust shipping. We'll mail your booklet to you. Then come to Downtown Pasco on October 1 to begin Crawling. Remember to invite all your friends to join you!




Step One

Step Two

Once a Taco Crawler, you’ll have 16 days to eat a taco at each of the twenty participating taco trucks and Mexican restaurants! Just present the applicable voucher to the vendor in exchange for a single taco.

Step Three

Take good tasting notes because you can vote for the Best Taco in Pasco!  Vote for the best Taco in Pasco by the end of the day on October 16.  The winner will be announced on Taco Tuesday, October 19.

Step Four

Interact with your fellow Taco Sprinters along the way. Take taco selfies! Make taco memes! Spread the taco love!

Booklet Info:

Each taco booklet will include information on all participating taco vendors and a map of Downtown Pasco.